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Imagine increasing the profitability of your organization by handling customer phone calls seamlessly 24/7. With Personal Touch Telephone Answering Services, you can customize your account to suit your company's special needs.

We provide 24-hour live operator-assisted message taking and dispatch services via SMS, BlackBerry, Digital/Voice pager, Cell phone, Fax, Email and LAN line for a wide variety of businesses including realtors, plumbing and heating companies, financial institutions, doctor's offices, and crisis lines. We can answer any type of business no matter how big or small.

Personal Touch Answering Service has become one of the leading Telephone Support Services in our field. Our prestigious client list is evidence of our trusted reputation and competitive pricing structure. Our record is one of quality, accuracy and clarity.

We are equipped with a skilled and experienced staff whom answer calls promptly in your company name, endeavouring always to ensure a courteous and efficient response, coupled with a high level of customer care and compassion. Our commitment is to leave you free to get on with your business knowing that your calls are handled efficiently until you have the time to deal with them.

"Our customer service philosophy is simple - Provide superior customer service in all aspects of what we do!"

About Us

Personal Touch Answering Service is a well established company (serving Businesses since 1982) providing 24x7, 365 day-a-year support services for our customers.

Our Staff are extremely well trained and frequently monitored. The company has consistently had a very low staff turnover (less than 10%). Our clients can be confident that all calls will be answered, whatever time of day and night, by competent operators.

A client service manager (CSM) is allocated to all clients. The CSM liaises closely with all clients to ensure that sound procedures are in place before the commencement of the contract. This may involve visits to client premises and pre contract trialling.

Our team

"Personal Touch Answering Service believes in nothing short of streamlined simplicity"

Our State of the art Technology

In house we have fully computerized systems using the latest in 'State of the Art' Call Centre technology.

Digital Voice Logging

This is audio insurance that conversations between your customers and our agents are always subject to word-by-word scrutiny and review, as well as a legal backup, should the need arise. All calls both incoming and outgoing are recorded. Should a call become contentious, or an issue arises concerning the content of a call, a recording of that call can be emailed direct to you the client.

Disaster Recovery

When the lights go out, we don't! Uninterrupted power supplies and/or generators support our infrastructure and protect your business. All of our critical call center systems continuously maintain a consistent service delivery to our clients, not to mention fully networked redundancy for call distribution in case of an emergency. As well, we take pride in our Remote Station Capability if the need were to arise. This Remote Station capability we actually incorporate into our everyday function to ensure that it maintains a consistency and availability throughout.

If our main power is ever interrupted, we have a massive source of back up battery power giving us up to 4 hours of consistent power. And in the event power is still not up and running within that 4 hour period, our on-site generators will provide full power within 10 seconds. Power will be maintained with a pre-arranged gas supply for as long as is required. Your clients and their calls will never go unanswered no matter what extreme weather situations Mother Nature may have in store. Feel confident that no matter what, Personal Touch has you covered!

"No matter what Mother Nature may have in store, Personal Touch always has you covered"

Trained Operators

1-800 toll-free services.

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Personal Touch Telephone Answering Service Ltd

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